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Lecture Series welcoming campus

The Spring 2010 East Carolina University Engineering Leadership Legacy Lecture Series hosted by the ECU Department of Engineering ENGR 3300 Engineering Project Management course invites the ECU community to attend its late afternoon sessions in the Science & Technology Building Room 144N.  Campus announcements will be made via the ECU Events website as well as on digital billboards and LCDs around campus.  ECU Engineering student volunteers will introduce speakers to the audience.  Students embrace Cunanan Leadership speaker Mortenson’s philosophy that the U.S. should value much more the wisdom and experience of its elders, as other cultures of the world still do.  This ECU Engineering Leadership Legacy Lecture Series provides students with the opportunity to learn from their elders – experienced leaders in their field with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.   Come join the audience as our guests speak volumes.

Note:  For those not as big a fan of math as our engineers must be, the superscript 3 on the L represents the three Ls of “Leadership Legacy Lecture.”  L “cubed” also represents a length unit cubed which corresponds to units of volume.  We would not be engineers if we did not embrace a little play on “geek.”

Click here to see the Lecture Series Schedule.


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