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Learning from proven Leaders – the U. S. Army

The Engineering Leadership Legacy Lecture series continues tomorrow Tuesday, 30-MARCH with a presentation by LTC (Ret) Eric Buller, Executive Officer of the East Carolina University Army ROTC Battalion and Professor of Military Science.

LTC Buller has been involved with the military his entire life.  Born into an Air Force family and raised as a self–described “military brat,” he grew up in several different places, including Virginia, Massachusetts, and Germany.

LTC Buller chose to enlist in the U.S. Army and ultimately spent 20 years in service, which now continues beyond his retirement.  After starting his career as an enlisted soldier, he earned admission to the U. S. Military Academy at West Point from which he graduated in 1990.  During his U.S. Army career, he worked on tanks as an Armor Officer, designed virtual combat simulators and training systems as a combat developer, and later returned to West Point as faculty, where he served as the program head for the General Psychology for Leaders Course.  He also worked in the private sector as a software development project manager at Insignia Technology Services, where he worked with national defense contracts and educational systems.

LTC Buller is currently the Executive Officer of the East Carolina University Army ROTC Battalion, Professor of Military Science, and is the head of ECU Club Boxing Program.

All on campus are welcome to attend this event at 3:30PM (1530) in Science & Technology Room 144N.


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