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Why study engineering at ECU?

ECU engineering focuses on the success of its students.  The program has unique advantages compared to most other engineering programs.

Collaborative learning: To promote personal growth and academic success, we encourage ECU engineers to study and learn with their fellow students. This begins with the first semester, with team based assignments and the ECU Engineering Learning Community (ELC).  In the ELC, engineering students live in a residential setting, study together, and develop friendships, teamwork, collaboration, and group problem solving. Collaborative learning continues throughout the curriculum.

Activity-based learning: Many engineering programs focus on theory with very little hands-on practice.  At ECU, our engineers learn the special theoretical skills of engineering but this is closely coupled with projects, laboratories, and hands-on activities.  For example, ECU engineers are given their first project as freshmen and this experience builds confidence in how to apply engineering expertise. This process continues through the engineering curriculum so ECU engineers are ready to design solutions as soon as they graduate.

Project management and team skills: While technical skills are the foundation for engineering, ECU also develops essential career skills in project management, entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork. Our graduates are prepared to work as productive members of project teams and to understand the importance of cost effectiveness in design.  Our graduates understand when it is time to lead and when it is time to follow.  As a result, ECU engineering graduates are recruited by employers for their ability to make a difference and contribute to business success.

Focus on undergraduate excellence: Beginning with the first semester of freshman year, students develop close relationships with engineering faculty. Every ECU engineering faculty member is dedicated to the excellence of our program and the success of our students. All classes and labs are taught by faculty, not graduate students.


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