Growing strong leaders and team champions in work, life and technology

Emerging Leaders

This Fall 2010 semester is the first to utilize the ECU Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement’s Emerging Leaders Program as part of the course.  Led by the Center’s student mentors Tiffany Hoi-Yan Lee (Neuroscience major) and Steven Atkinson (Business major), students attend a total of six sessions outside of normal class hours led by the mentors and then finish with the ECU Challenge Course.

On 14-OCTOBER, the Engineering Project Management students were  the first in Emerging Leaders to try a new system.  LTC Eric Buller of ECU Army ROTC led the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 Leadership program, which aims to build interdependence, creative problem solving, communication and trust through various personal development and team building activities.  The EST 2000, a 2010 ECU acquisition to support its Army ROTC Battalion training, is a digital visual simulator that uses lasers and compressed air to simulate the discharge of a round from a rifle while being tracked on a projection screen.  Students learn basic marksmanship and are exposed to judgment exercises and military field scenarios. The program involves the development and mastery of technical skills; students explore the fundamentals of trust and craftsmanship.  Team building exercises include group initiatives, group interaction, and problem-solving.

The students OVERWHELMINGLY enjoyed the opportunity and would like to go back again.  Plans are for Spring 2011 students to have this opportunity as well.

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