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Unify through sacrifice

This site pays tribute to the military and its outstanding leadership principles, and always will. 

However, I do want to take a moment to honor some of my fellow civilians who, too, have sacrificed.

How could I possibly make an analogy between a military person fighting a war and a civilian person working in a dangerous environment here in our country or even as civilian in a war zone?  I contend they both serve and sacrifice.  Likely, both are working in dangerous professions because he/she has to do so to support his/her family.  If I could choose between “missions,” I of course would prefer to be a member of the military because I believe the mission to support the freedom of our country is worth my ultimate sacrifice, while profit for a company is not. 

Therefore, I feel I owe it to those with whom I have had the honor to serve in my industry experience, who have sacrificed in multiple ways, to note their importance too.  I in no way intend to minimalize anything a military person does in service to our country, but instead to place value on those whom I have known who, too, have sacrificed for their families and our country.  For example, without the fuel for our jets, MRAPs and ships, our military would not get very far.  My former coworker who was burned over most of his body while working to help produce that fuel has value too. 

I am proud to be an American.  I am proud to stand beside other Americans – active, guard, reserve military, veterans and civilians.  We all need to unify as Americans to make our country stronger and eliminate the suffering of our own people first and foremost… as One Nation Under God.


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