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Lecture Series 2012

The 2012 Leadership Legacy Lecture Series to be held at East Carolina University in Spring 2012 in conjunction with the Engineering Project Management course taught by Stephanie Sullivan, Ph.D. includes:

Jan 11:  Major Jonathan Silk (US Army)

Feb 1:  LT Xiao Sun (US Navy)

Feb 13/14:  Brigadier General (ret) Stancil L. Dilda, Jr. (US Air Force)

Feb 15/16:  Col (ret) Bob Chin, Ph.D (US Air National Guard; East Carolina University)

Feb 20/21:  Bedie Kohake (DSM Dyneema)

Feb 27/28:  Dr. Rosina Chia, ECU Assistant Vice Chancellor for Global Academic Initiatives

Mar 14/15:  Dr. Michael Behm, ECU Associate Professor, Occupational Safety

Mar 28/29:  William Cooper (NC BioNetwork)

Apr 4/5:  Kirk Bagnal (Attends, Greenville, NC)

Apr 10/11:  Commander Donald Tyer (US Navy, born/raised Washington, NC)

Apr 12: Col (ret) Worth Carter, 2X ECU alum (US Air Force; Missile Defense Agency)

Apr 19: Brent Reed, P.E. (Consultant, Instructor)

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