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Leadership Resources

Leadership Resources

“Lead me, follow me or get out of my way” – General George Patton

Great leaders grow from a foundation on which they base their methods – from learning, from teaching, from experience.  Engineers must be able to both lead and follow in their careers, as they must do both – often simultaneously.  The same is true of a great military leader.  Military leadership doctrine are compact and effective means of learning both sound leadership and followership principles with historical case study.  Many of  leadership faculty each have exemplary military experience upon which they have founded their leadership styles and become great leaders in their careers.    Students should read these doctrine and understand how to apply them to their own leadership in every area of their lives, which includes being a good follower and team player.

Some leadership faculty answered questions that compared military and industry approaches for young engineers to consider in their career leadership and success.  Contributors include Steve DuncanLeonard Kulik, Colonel (ret) J. Worth Carter and industry leaders that could not be present to address students in person.  Those that could not be present as speaking faculty are:

Al Ryan, Director of Operations, Merck & Co. Inc., Elkton, VA:  Mr. Ryan, a graduate of West Point Military Academy, has worked for Merck & Co., Inc for over 20 years.

Harold Pangilinan, PE , Mechanical Engineer by trade and employed by the Army Research and Development Command.