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G2T Founder Mike Lenhart

Mr. Mike Lenhart is an engineering leader in many ways!  He was trained in engineering management (civil) at the United States Military Academy at West Point (NY, BS 1990), then led as active duty U.S. Army Infantry officer for 7 years (highlighted by a company command in the historic 82nd Airborne Division) followed by work for prominent companies for 12 years.  In 2006, he engineered athletic empowerment for individuals with disabilities and their communities by founding The Getting2Tri Foundation (G2T). 

Mike Lenhart established G2T with the goal of integrating individuals with physical disabilities into their local communities. G2T uses the sports’ disciplines of swimming, cycling, running, racing wheelchair, and hand-cycle as the vehicles for accomplishing this mission.  In the fall of 2009, Mike decided to pursue the leadership of his foundation, G2T, in a full-time capacity.”*  Most recently in March 2012, along with continuing as G2T President, he has transitioned back to the corporate world to serve as Information Technology Business Consultant at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta.

“In his role as President of Getting2Tri, Mike leads the foundation’s vision of extending the organization’s reach to a world-wide audience through its annual National Paratriathlete Training Camp, online resources, and the connecting of disabled individuals with skilled resources in their local communities. Mike leads the foundation’s continued planning of a world-class sports institute that will empower individuals with disabilities to make smart decisions about their own health and wellness.

The Getting2Tri foundation is a one-of-a-kind organization that spans its focus from athletic endeavors to the changing of people’s lifestyles. We build communities for the coaching, training and mentoring of individuals with disabilities in the sports of swimming, cycling, and running. Individuals with disabilities participating are called “paratriathletes” and their backgrounds are just as varied as their goals; wounded veterans from recent conflicts to individuals with limb loss due to disease or paralysis or injuries inflicted through some form of trauma.”*

Lenhart and G2T have assisted a number of incredible paratriathletes including Deanna Babcock and Janelle Tuck Hansberger, each of whom have unique and triumphant stories. Deanna aims to compete at the 2016 Paralympics in paratriathlon.  Go Deanna! 

“I have the fortunate role of surrounding myself with heroes” ~ Mike Lenhart*

* source:

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