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Bagnal to Attend to student leadership needs

Attends Healthcare Products’ Manufacturing Manager Kirk Bagnal next up to explain his leadership philosophy and success story, founded on a start in the U.S. Army.

Straight talk from Bill Cooper

From Engineer to Plant Manager and beyond.  Bill Cooper tells it like it is.



Cultural understanding and respect – an inherent part of leadership

Today & tomorrow, Dr. Rosina Chia joins us to inform students of the importance of Global Understanding in leadership.  Understanding, accepting and working with other cultures is required in our global environment.  As ECU students embark upon new adventures in the global workforce, this understanding is necessary to build each of them, of us, as better leaders.  Regardless of one’s profession, we must be able to communicate and negotiate with as well as respect the cultures of the world along with the rights of both people and the environments in which we live. 

Dr. Chia and has helped to bring a program of Global Understanding to East Carolina University that interacts each semester with universities in the following countries, and will expand after this spring to 41 universities in 28 countries:

The Air Force counters!

The Navy is landing!

In one week!